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March 24, 2004



He seems to not realize that if religion is taught in schools just those three religions or even ten religions is not enough as they would still be forcing those choices as the only viable choices for that person. That impedes on the student's religious freedom.


He also doesn't seem to be able to distinguish the difference between moral thought and religious thought.

David Van Domelen

Oh, I'm sure he CAN make the distinction. He simply chooses to, in practice, define the difference as zero. To our neocon buddies, while there may be some theoretical, hair-splitting difference between morality and religion, there's no practical difference.

Ken Lowery

Brings up that old question -- do we need religion in order to have a moral society? I would argue that, in Old Testament times, the answer was probably yes. You needed to be given a REASON to do more than look out for number one, and the OT spent a lot of time emphasizing the importance of community responsibility.

But to suggest that this is still the case is absolutely stupendously ridiculous. I take especial beef with his claims about the civil rights movement -- that religion was the only way it was going to get done. I wonder, exactly, what kind of selective memory allows the writer to forget that it was, in fact, the impetus of many southern churches to keep segregation (and other such laws) enforced.

A minor detail.

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