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March 18, 2004



To a certain degree I don't comment as much on your political posts because I dislike it when I find myself nodding and saying "yeah" a lot, but I will say one thing. I find a lot of the talk of 'appeasement' (as Bush trotted out tonight) tied to the withdrawl of troops from Iraq to be a bit of a shell game.

To a certain degree, it would matter why those troops are being withdrawn. If, on the one hand, Spain and Poland are removing their troops from Iraq wholly out of fear of more terrorist attacks, that actually would be appeasement. However, if instead those troops are being withdrawn out of a sense that three years of the Bush Administration's worldwide military actions have done nothing to make terror attacks less likely and that the war in Iraq has nothing to do with anti-terrorist activity, then those would not be the actions of appeasers, merely people who believed that their troops are better used in other ways rather than in the military occupation of a land that was not a significant threat before it was invaded.

Several folks have already extended the argument that Afghanistan was the show and we walked away in the middle to pursue an idiotic and reckless aggression against Iraq. It seems to me that Spain and now Poland are starting to feel the same way, and that Bush & his advisers need to start realizing that they've done nothing at all since 2002 to make the world safer and reduce the ability of Al Qaida to kill hundreds. Iraq was no threat, and has if anything only become one entirely because of a poorly thought out military action that even the previous Bush administration knew was a bad idea. It's hardly appeasement for other nations to decide "Screw helping the US occupy Iraq, we want our troops to go where the terrorists actually are."

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