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March 14, 2004



Okay, first a nitpick: fix the link to Amazon. It has two http:// in it.

Secondly, I was always a Cyclops/Nightwing guy two, but less for the reason you listed (a fine reason to be sure) and more for the fact that they were the most dependable members of the respective teams, when they were written properly. Cyclops may not have had the flashiest or most awesome power, but you always knew he was thinking of a way out of any situation, and it made his character (to me) the most interesting... he didn't do whatever he felt like, he did what he felt was the right thing to do. At least when Claremont wasn't wanking his own fannish obsessions all over the book.

Nightwing/Dick Grayson was even more of a focused individual, on a team gaga with outsized personalities. Changeling, Cyborg, Starfire, even Raven were almost parodies of normal personality traits. (You remember the New Beat Patrol, of course.) Even Kid Flash became ridiculously overemotional (directly because Raven made him fall in love with her) and Jericho was, well...for God's sake, he was a mute who'd had his throat slit and who cultivated a damn white boy fro from hell, equal parts beatific and annoying. Nightwing was often the only character on the team who could be counted on to even remember what they were doing at any given moment.

Of course, I loved the New Teen Titans like mad. All that hyperkinetic emotion... it makes sense that the new cartoon is in anime style. It's not that far a leap.


Fine, fine, it's fixed ya finicky bastard.

And how could I not remember the New Beat Patrol? Or Pete's brilliant Scions pastiche...

Dave Van Domelen

Certainly explains your affinity for Dan "Grind" Tracey. :)


Touche. (You know, that just doesn't look the same in these little comment boxes.)

Okay, that's three references in a row to RACC fiction, so I should probably point everybody to the rec.arts.comics.creative archives at http://archives.eyrie.org/racc. Look for some good, good writin' in the Omega and ASH folders.

Or maybe I should pop some links to the archives, and the universe web pages, up in the sidebar...


Marc -- married now?! Implying haircut? ;] On the strength of this discussion, I broke out my own stash of 20-year-old Titans books thinking "hyper-emotional? That's not how I remember them" Seems I bailed right at the Jericho point (with a random Judas Contract Annual pickup). Two notes: 1) that combination of paper and ink is not destined for immortality. Perez is done a disservice. 2) The writing is much better in my memory. I too loved it like mad, and I am now forced to recognise it was a transient love. The number of times Wally sez anything other than "Back off bothering Raven with your completely reasonable questions!!" in the first few books is negligible.

Teen years ARE a hyperemotional time and my drives are different now. I suspect and hope that as I continue the plow I will get past my dissapointment and back to the emotional vitality and wonder that sparked the connection.

Continuing to talk Titans, the other thing I remember was that unlike some team books (at least those that were collections of other-title characters) that pretend back history isn't there, Titans was the first that seemed to REVEL in its out-of-title back history, to use it for driving plots that meant something to the characters. I doubt my reread will spoil that. Plus -- classic Doom Patrol!

And lastly RE: topical references, Porn-star lesbians and Jennifer Beals are as now as it gets, baby! Somewhere an overweight, balding Changeling is living off his idle wealth and invoking the monkey every night over "The L Word"



Married yes, haircut no, which will no doubt make for some embarrassing wedding-picture moments in future years.

All your observations are well taken, alas too painfully well, but I would say keep on plowin'. The Doom Patrol/Brotherhood of Evil story builds up to a fantastic ending, and the book hits its stride shortly thereafter. I still love 'em. I just wince at almost every single bit of character development...

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