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April 19, 2004



Wow, I actually managed to block out the Marz GL, largely because Judd Winick came along and made the character an actual human being...but you are so right about the misogyny. I have an issue that came with a bunch of Winick issues I bought off eBay...it's about Jade dealing with the abuse dealt to her by her wicked stepfather. Physical, and possibly sexual abuse. The cover features Jade scrunched into a corner, holding up her hands to defend herself, as a shadow looms over her. The cover copy? "Christmas PAST!"

Yes, the Ron Marz version of a Christmas story. Way to make the bitches pay, Ron!

Greg Morrow

I don't think you mean Marz has become "eponymous", or, at least, I don't think that I have heard his name used as the name of the practice of killing female characters for shock value.

Matthew Rossi

Greg, if it hasn't yet, can we start a drive? Let's forever link the brutal murder of female comic book characters out of creative desperation and Ron Marz. We'll call it "Marzing".

Also, Marc, I know I showed it to you before, but I wanted to mention this site again. Because the following quote always stayed with me:

I consider Big Barda one of the toughest, most badass female heroes in the DC Universe. And unlike Wonder Woman, who has a noble mission and a loving heart, Barda is a tough-as-nails warrior through and through and takes no crap from anyone. Anyone, that is, except John Byrne. When she "teams up" with Superman in an issue of Action Comics, she gets forced to do an erotic dance for a villain called "Sleez" then appears in a porno film that the villain Darkseid shows to her husband. Despite her supposedly indomitable will, there are quite a few scenes of her begging for mercy from the mind-controlling baddie.

Ken Lowery

"So I've looked for comics that go above and beyond the aforementioned call of duty. Comics that aren't just stupid or offensive but are willfully so, comics that fail not in one or two areas but in all of them."

I still say Evil Ernie qualifies as all of these. It's actively vile, and so obviously a cynical feeder on teenage male angst and anger, that I think even Beavis and Butthead would dismiss it as stupid.


I think you're probably right, Ken, but as I said, I had no desire to dive all the way down the sludge heap just so I could see what was at the bottom. (The same reason, to a lesser degree, why I didn't want to do any of the research necessary to place Youngblood on this list either.)


It's also different when a comic ( Evil Ernie) sets out with those things in mind. If so it's not a bad comic because it acheived it's purpose didn't it?

Ken Lowery

Well he specified comics that were WILLFULLY bad, which to me says it SET OUT to be vile and vulgar and not in any way redeemable. And that is Evil Ernie to a T.

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