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May 19, 2004


Peli Grietzer

Not related to this post, but I coudn't really find your e-mail:

I'm a literary theory student form Israel, and I got here by googling your name after reading your excellent essay about Romanitcism and Modernism in the works of grant morrison.
It was probably the only really good piece of literary discussion of comics I ever read, being dogmatic neither about all comics being
under-rated masterpieces or about approaching the work from a symptomatic "cultural-studies" perspective. Not to mention the joy of no one comparing anything to Ulysses favorably of unfavorably and the word "pop culture" not being mentioned even once.

I was wondering what exactly is your acadmical field (assuming you have one), and what conference was the essay written for.


Hi Peli,

I'm in English, specifically American literature, and I presented the paper for ICAF about five years ago.

If you're interested in finding more comics criticism - not exclusively literary in its analysis, and ranging from close reading to cultural studies to sociological content-analysis, etc. (I personally do not get as much out of some of these methodologies as I do others) - you might want to check out The International Journal of Comic Art, which I hyped in this post. For books, Joseph Witek's Comic Books as History is always a good start.

I really do need to add some kind of "Contact Me" link... I just can't figure out a way to get Typepad to let me spamproof it...

Peli Grietzer

I guess I'm not interested in comics as a medium as much as I'm interested in Morrison and Moore as writers who should have a place in a future litreary canon, and it was disturbing to think the only academic who took Grant Morrison seriously is the guy that wrote that horrid "Theoretical Fiction About Postmodernism". So it's really just comforting to know there are competent people in the academy interested in these writers.

I guess the point of this messeage is :
Hopefully you'll get a Phd. long before me , become hugely influential, make everybody realise that Morrison is a brilliant writer (It's just a hypothesis, but from the blog you do seem to repect him quite a lot) , and then I wouldn't have to try and do it myself and be able to lead a leisurely life outside the academy.

Peli Grietzer

Sorry to bother you again (and slightly embarassed about not noticing you’re actually a professor), but do you know if there is any forum that might be interested in something like an analysis of The Mystery Play as self-referential story building a dialogue with W.H Auden’s "The Guilty Vicarage" and Borges' deconstruction of detective fiction?

Is there any point to sending such a thing, or a summary, to TIJOCA or is it only meant for established academics?



I think any number of academic journals would be interested in such an article. Depending on your travel possibilities, so would a number of academic conferences (I'd imagine the various European ones would be far less costly for you).

IJOCA is certainly a possibility - it publishes plenty of articles by graduate students and independent scholars. In most cases, if you're sure the article is a good fit for the journal, I would send a full, polished manuscript.

I've added an e-mail link now - let's hope it doesn't fill my inbox with spam.

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