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May 01, 2004


Greg Morrow

One of the cable channels reran Beastmaster Saturday morning.


In other odd referral news, this site is the only hit to show up on a search for "Rumania," "bears," and "unicycles."

Not the Beastmaster: meeting your Rumanian unicycle-riding circus bear needs since 2004.

Matthew Rossi

I'm pretty sure the bears and unicycles were from the post I made in your comments about Super Green Beret. Rumania, however, is not my fault.


Except for the reign of terror that followed your expedition to Wallachia in 1978. That was totally your fault.

Matthew Rossi

Man, why do you have to bring up Wallachia every single time? It's not like the crypt wouldn't have eventually been opened by someone else anyway.


That's what you always say!

Dave Van Domelen

Personally, I'm glad Matt did it. It was getting cramped in that vault.

James Schee

Didn't they just release the Beastmaster TV show on DVD?

Matthew Rossi

I just want to categorically deny releasing the Beastmaster TV show from any sort of crypt.

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