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July 14, 2004


Kan Mattoo

That wee lassie got glassed, and no cunt leaves till I find out what cunt did it.



And with that, young Renton was in love.

Dot. Dot dot.

Jim Kosmicki

interesting that you bring up Brian Cox -- I remember being impressed by him in Manhunter (where just about every part was well cast), but not seeing much of him after that. Lately, it seems like he's in a lot of movies -- The Ring, Troy, X-men 2, and I know he was in something else we watched the other night, but...

you are right, he is what Anthony Hopkins used to be in terms of a strong actor who plays the part, not the part of an actor playing a part.


Brian Cox was in Adaptation, The Bourne Identity, and its upcoming sequel, and he was superlative in the criminally overlooked 25th Hour. I can't say I'd really noticed him before his current omnipresence (well, okay, he was good in Rushmore too), but he is great, isn't he?

J.W. Hastings

Before his role in Rushmore, Cox worked alsmot exclusively on British TV shows. I'd be interested to know how Wes Anderson came to cast him (maybe he says something about it on the DVD commentary, but I don't have the Criterion "special" edition of the movie).

Everyone was terrific in 25th Hour. I wasn't wild about the movie, but I'm still surprised that it got so little attention. (I thought it was Spike Lee's strongest film since Malcolm X).

Thanks for the link...

Chris Galdieri

Brian Cox also did a hilarious turn in SUPER TROOPERS, a movie at which I laughed quite a bit, but I laugh pretty easily.

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