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July 10, 2004


Jon Silpayamanant

Interesting. Though Ross's model can hardly take into account the multiplixity of rifts in "classical music" from the 20th century on (amongst other things). I elaborated a bit more here.


I probably suffer from not internalizing (or even reading) the quoted launch point. But I am struck how the obvious Stage 6 is sitting there, unmentioned and the larger for it: Virtual Irrelevance. Classical Music, Jazz, Westerns all seem to cast the 'reinvigoration and replenishment' as Affectionate Wishful Thinking. Though Sci-Fi cinema (and perhaps fiction as well) is not so easily marginalized. Are there 2 Stage 6's? What is it that makes some genres run to ground, while others cycle back? Which path does Rock'n'Roll follow? Superhero comics? And does the protracted Super-hero film history influence its roots' path, or is it its own, pale-reflection trajectory? These are the things Marc makes me ponder, when I should be working.


I'd say virtual irrelevance to the larger culture is the implicit consequence of Ross's "self-contained avant-garde," which is why I associated his Stage 4 with the Marvel of the 1990s even though that era saw little that was truly experimental: in producing comics legible only to lifelong fans they helped insure their crash and burn. I'd also agree that the retro stage often is wishful thinking, especially in the case of Marvels and company. Too elegiac in nature to actually resuscitate a genre, all they can do is echo the geniuses who started it in the first place.

Jon Silpayamanant

Virtual Irrelevance. Classical Music, Jazz, Westerns all seem to cast the 'reinvigoration and replenishment' as Affectionate Wishful Thinking

I was kinda thinking about that--but at the same time a local radio station decided to spend this past week playing only tunes from television series. I was struck by how many of the scores were either "Jazz" or "Classical" stylistically...similarly the case in Movie scores. Sure, the big ponderous machine that is the symphony orchestra and the big band of jazz seem obsolete as a live event--stadium rock still draws a significantly larger audience in general--but Jazz and Classical music are still VERY much alive as a supplementary medium, in a manner of speaking.

I wonder if comic books will become "supplementary" to television and cinema (in a sense, it already is--think storyboards)...

on a somewhat unrelated note...I was pleasantly surprised to hear the "Wonder Woman" theme song after so many years...

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