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July 09, 2004



I'm so glad that there's someone else out there who thought that this movie was horribly overrated. I can't believe that it's getting like a 90 some percent rating on rotten tomatoes. Honestly, if it wasn't for Molina this movie would have been unbearable in it's boringness and blandness and ludicrousness. Eesh, talk about suck.


I haven't seen the movie yet, but I had quite the opposite reaction to the trailers and commercials, which probably explains why I've yet to see it. My girlfriend saw it and pretty much shares your opinion. Overwrought, heavy-handed, poorly acted, pretty much the opposite of the popular opinion. I'm trying to figure out, comparing her reaction to popular opinion, just what the hell is wrong with people. I guess comics readers are still reeling from Captain America and Shumacher's Batman films...?

Maybe I should see the movie for myself, but jeez, I've read so much about it I feel like I already have.

Kan Mattoo

So..i had written this great post about the movie, but it didn't save.

So anyways: It wasn't too bad.


No, I didn't think it was too bad either, although if you'd asked me during the Uncle Ben scene I might have told you different. (Come to think of it, Kan actually could have asked me during the Uncle Ben scene, and I damn well would have told him different.) Fix the dialogue, though, and trust the audience a little more, and it would be vastly improved. I doubt the movie would have reached $250 million any less quickly if it hadn't oversold its themes.

Did your post mention that Otto Octavius apparently majored in advanced science?


I enjoyed Spider-Man 2, but some fans need to let a popcorn movie be just that, a popcorn film, and not declare it the best movie ever. It sets others' expectations WAY too high.

The Uncle Ben scene was obviously only there to give Cliff Robertson work. I didn't care for it, either.

However, the dialogue this time around is a LOT better comapred to the rhyming stanzas we got from Mary Jane in the cemetery in the LAST movie. :)

Kan Mattoo

I was impressed that they allowed Peter and MJ to be 'together'....thank god Raimi gave the audience that....

I'm personally not a big fan of Dunst, but she wasn't too bad this time...

And I think Advance Sciene was in there somewhere.

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