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August 27, 2004


Captain Spaulding

Seaguy with Cameron Stewart, was a charming graphic novella with unfortunately low sales (though apparently not low enough to forestall a trade paperback and, one hopes, a much-needed sequel).

I would hope that with a Vertigo-Morrison mini, DC would be smart enough to allow for wait-for-the-trade customers.


"We3 is more culturally engaged than usual, offering pointed commentaries on animal rights and American foreign policy..."

You're thinking of the bit about how he's a good dog because "he only kills America's enemies," right? I don't know, man. I think that if Grant Morrison wanted to critique American foreign policy he could come up with something better than a warmed-over Ted Rall-ism. Morrison needed a crazy military mad scientist, and America was conveniently located. I think WE3 (so far) is no more a pointed commentary on American foreign policy than Barry Windsor-Smith's WEAPON X was a pointed commentary on Canada's.


Yeah, I am, Sean, and I did say pointed, not subtle.

Saying "America was conveniently located" seems like a dodge, though. (Why would it be conveniently located?) Between the comments about replacing America's workers with a slave force, the remote-control warfare/video game parallel, the bit about good dogs only killing our enemies (an obvious set-up for a fall - and how is it a Ted Rall-ism to remind us who used to write Osama n' Saddam's checks?) and a Senator named "Washington" I don't see how the series could not be addressing contemporary American strategy and politics.


By the way, I edited the post a bit this morning. Didn't really care for its original introduction.

No, I don't know why I thought you wanted to know that.

David Fiore

very much in agreement with you Marc--this is fantastic stuff!


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