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October 30, 2004


David Fiore

you'd better believe it has my full attention Marc--this looks great!


matt rossi

Not to pick on Dave, but sometimes I think just typing the words 'Conway' and 'Gerry' too close together summons him like the Candyman.

Greg Morrow

Do I need to have read or in any way care about Peter Bagge or Reason to get anything out of your article?

Conway, Dillin, and McLaughlin, huh? That makes it pretty obviously JLA from the mid 150s to the early 180s. I.e., the founding comics of my Golden Age.

I await your takedown with shallow breathing and distracted trails of saliva.


That depends on the extent to which you like reading critiques of hamfisted libertarian ranting.

And who said it was a takedown? Or rather, who said I would need to do any additional work to take down what Conway hath wrought?

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