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October 17, 2004


matt rossi

Looks like Sinclair's stock took a dive this week. Long may it continue.


Apparently they've also changed their plans, and they now say they're going to air clips from "Stolen Honor" mixed with other footage as part of a "news program." I still have my doubts, but it looks like the public outcry is having some effect.

(By the way, Matt, it looks like that link isn't a permalink.)

stolen honor

Yawn. Another academic against free speech.

Make up your own mind. See "Stolen Honor" for free here: http://www.buttondepress.com/BostonManifesto/StolenHonor.htm

matt rossi

Yawn. Another liar against being informed.

Make up your own mind. See Sinclair's actions in firing one of their own who told the truth here:

And hey, I used my own name!


And we thank you for it, Matt.

Personally, I would have gone with something like "Yawn. Another conservative who stoops to ad hominem attacks instead of dealing with the issues," but yours is unquestionably more elegant. I do love, though, how the right can always find some irrelevant reason for dismissing the views of anyone who disagrees with them.

Of course, "stolen honor" has spared us any temptation to do the same by courteously and courageously refusing to own up to his arguments and sign his own name. Thanks, stolen honor, for going that extra step to insure that we can't stoop to your level!

So, since you're such a champion of free speech, you'll post all of my anti-Sinclair links from the last two columns to any of your public websites, the same way I've left your link up, right?

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