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October 04, 2004


Jon Silpayamanant

Where else could I sit around a crowded dinner table with renowned artists and brilliant scholars and talk about the finer points of the Beyonder?

Now that is something you don't experience everyday!


And it really should be.

matt rossi

For some reason, I just imagined JFK sitting at the White House with a whole field of the elite intelligensia discussing the Beyonder's white boy fro. "So much brilliance has not discussed the Beyonder in this edifice since Thomas Jefferson first said 'Secret Wars II my slaveholding ass' alone."

Mike Rhode

Darn, I missed the Beyonder dinner. Care to drop any names and select quotes?

And you were sadly mistaken to miss Prado's sketches. I got a three (count 'em) beauties by stalking ... I mean asking him at various times over the weekend.

Also, Marc makes a good lowkey pusher as I also now have a copy of Disinformation Guide to the Invisibles although I've read only a part of the first series.


I'm afraid the Beyonder portion of the conversation only lasted about two minutes and began when I rather loudly and rudely "outed" one of my esteemed fellow scholars as having just made and then denied making a Secret Wars II reference. Although Bill Kartalopoulos of Indy Magazine was overheard to observe that the great thing about Secret Wars II was that the entire crossover was just nine months of Marvel superheroes facing existential crises. How could I not write an article for him after that?

Yeah, I've got to see Prado again sometime - he was a great dinner guest (and conference guest) as well as a phenomenally talented artist.

Mike Rhode

Secret Wars II - is that a Shooter-era thing after the joy of Secret Wars, or is that whatever Marvel's doing now w/ the concept? Apparently they've resurrected it again as someone mentioned it to me at lunch today. (Said individual was reading a Wizard w/ Wolverine on the cover and knows I read comics too.)

(Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

(Within reason.)

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