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March 24, 2005


Todd Murry

I lived in Nashville for 3 years, and it is, far and away, my least favorite place that I have ever lived. I liked the countryside some, and there were a few things to recommend the place, I guess, but between the parochialism of the people where we lived (some of our neigbors in Thompson Station wouldn't talk to us because we didn't go to their church), and the agressive homogenious gentillity of the place I worked (Vandy Med Cntr), I couln't wait to get out. I've liked every other place I've lived better (and that includes Philly and Baltimore, which many people badmouth but I loved, New Orleans, Berkley, New York, and Las Vegas - all were great in their own way).

You seem to like Nashville (this post nonwithstanding) and I would be interested to see you post your love (or maybe just like) letter to the city (provided you haven't already done so) so that I might reevaluate my negative experience in a new light.


I heard that LA was kinda like Nashville . . . with a tan.


And cleaner air.

I do like Nashville, but it never comes off as well the day after a trip to someplace like DC or Los Angeles.

And I love Philly and Baltimore, by the way, warts and all - at least the warts are all right out there on the surface. I miss hearing that Bawlmer Merlin accent.

Charles R.

The Willie Nelson museum in the back of a smoke shop is one of the best places on earth. You can't love country music and not love Nashville, but I prefer living near Hollywood.


It is, however, pretty easy not to love country music. Although you can hear much better and more varied country here than probably anywhere else.

Haven't checked out that museum...


As the LA-ite, I must say that LA is just okay. It definately has its moments, but I still love DC more.

Albeit, my apartment here would be double the price for a similar location in DC.

And you can't beat the weather. (Even if it rains on your wedding).

Charles R.

"pretty easy not to love country music."

That saddens my heart. You communist?


Yes. And by refusing to buy Toby Keith's album, I clearly hate our troops.


That ain't country. Hank, Lefty, Willie, Merle, Loretta, Dolly, Townes: that's country! Toby Keith is watered down pop music, closer to American Idol. All that time in Nashville, tsk, tsk.


There are hundreds if not thousands of people right here in Nashville who feel exactly the same way and will tell you so as they happily fling themselves into the maw of the industry that produces the music they loathe. The knowing disdain rarely rises above a barely audible mutter, but everybody cheers a seller.

Between Los Angeles and Nashville this one is pretty much a draw, I'd guess.

Dave Intermittent

Well, this certainly explains the love of Mike Davis' books, leaving aside the fact that their great in their own right.

Funny; I spend the last couple of days in Toronto, basking in the weather and the fact I could walk, walk places, the used bookstores, the record stores. And then I came back to Floria. And asked myself, again, as always, why I live here. Then I thought about how hard it will be to leave.

Every place I've ever lived--every place worth living, anyway--has made me crazy and happy in equal measure. Anyway, nice post, and nicely timed.


Thanks, Dave.


So good to see you again. Scrambling down from Mt. Hollywood was just fantastic. Seeing you all in Kurtas was a lot like seeing the Matrix for the first time.


Another oldschooler heard from, and for the first time on IANTB no less! Yeah, the scramble was far and away the non-wedding highlight of the trip (down much, much moreso than up). Hope to see you at the reception - I'm still figuring out just how long I can afford to be away from Nashville during what is, technically, our final exam week.

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