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May 25, 2005


David Van Domelen

(singing) Every stem cell's sacred, every stem cell's good....


They aren't too sacred when they're being discarded, but that apparently isn't a problem. You just can't use them for anything other than getting women pregnant.


I would love to hear more from the couples/mothers to whom these frozen embryos belong. Did they not think this through when they started the IVF process? I know this very issue was a major deterrent to undergoing IVF, other massive ethical/moral/emotional issues notwithstanding. The owners/parents of the frozen embryos have the right to destroy them; why should they not also have the right to donate them to scientific research?

Richard Jones

Nice column. Also, for a little bit of forward-looking, you might want to Google "embryo adoption." I read a little story in my local Charlotte paper about how people are trying to offer embryos that were created for use in in vitro fertilization, but not actually used, for adoption. They're not implanted, only still viable embryos.

So, it seems as if there's a concerted action afoot to make these embryos equated with already born children. You can adopt children. You can adopt embryos. Children equal embryos equal life.

Don't tell me this isn't a coordinated effort.

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