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June 02, 2005


Pete Bangs

Couldn't agree more. It would be a damn sight easier to walk into most comic shops and find books to back up Maher's reading of the situation then to find books to oppose it. The majority of what is easily available is mysoginistic crap. Plus Maher is just doing to comics what the media has been doing to all other forms of popular culture for over 40 years, everything from Modern Art to rock music to Star Trek. Deride it and focus on the dross rather than the quality. This is what happens when you get what you wish for and the wider world notices your cosy little hobby.

Mary McDonald-Lewis

Say there,

You know a ton about comics, I see! I'm trying to recall a three-series set of novels I read that, as I recall, were a sort of fictionalized story of the Yellow Kid. The first was set in the 1800s, the second in the 30s, (I think) and the third in the 60s.

Can you help me recall the name of the author and the books?

Thanks loads,

Mary McDonald-Lewis



My friend Greg Morrow suggests that you're thinking of Tom DeHaven's Dugan trilogy.

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