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July 04, 2005


Robin Hermann

Hey, Marc:

That's a really powerful piece of writing. Well done.


ps. It was good to finally meet you in person back in May! Say hey to Christy for me.

Greg Morrow

Busted Curmudgeons link; you're missing a terminal l.


Fixed. Hopefully Typepad will follow suit and give back my damn paragraph breaks.

Thanks, Rob, and likewise.

Dave Menendez

Re: "some parallel universe where ... Yoko Ono never sold her dead husband's songs to Nike".

Doesn't Michael Jackson own the rights to the Beatles' catalog? If I recall correctly, he outbid Paul McCartney, thereby destroying their friendship.


But Ono owns Lennon's solo work. She sold the rights to "Instant Karma" for a Nike commercial.

And then there's this. For anybody who wants to talk about superficial political symbolism that masks a deeper complicity with the exploitation of the third world, this is as good as it gets.

Chris M.

" The Lennon trainer will be the first in a series of annual, artist-designed Peace Chucks. These will appear each year "until global peace is achieved", according to Converse."

I can speak for anyone else, but this makes me *more* likely to commit violence, not less.

--Chris M.

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