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August 15, 2005


Greg Burgas

I still don't understand why these guys have to do the mainstream stuff. How Human Target died while Milligan has to write an X-book is a shame. I like X-Men, and agree with your thoughts, and have some hopes for Milligan's run, but this is the economics of comics these days. Very few creators can do their own thing, and apparently Milligan ain't one of them.


I don't mind comics auteurs working on mainstream corporate properties - New X-Men and Milligan's X-Force were stellar. But it is disappointing to see Milligan go so mainstream when he's capable of doing much wilder stuff within a franchise and, more broadly, it's disappointing to see that today's mainstream is so much more timid than it was even a few years ago. Chalk it up to the difference between Jemas days and the current, more custodial Marvel.


...stories in which superheroes are all but irrelevant. Instead they mine out...their...premises,...characters, and...histories.

There’s a word for this kind of story: fanfic.



Cute editing, but what I actually said was,

most DC and Marvel superhero comics find themselves in... bizarre... exotic... slash

Hope that clarifies things.

Peli Grietzer

Speaking of Milligan- is Skreamers representetive of his best work?
I recall being rather impressed with it, but far from awed. From reading it Milligan seemd to be "the best of the rest"- a smart, well read, crafty writer doing strong, sofisticated, literate story telling.
Is there more to him than that?


I'd personally recommend Rogan Gosh (if you can find it; McCarthy painted!! - you should) and Enigma with Fegredo as the two toppers.


I cannot recommend Vertigo Pop: London (with Phil Bond art) highly enough. Shade the Changing Man has its fans; I've only read the first six issues in trade paperback but it showed considerable promise, in that distinctly early-90s washed-out-colors Vertigo-before-there-was-a-Vertigo sort of way.

Brian Nicholson

I would say Skreemer isn't very good at all, and I love Milligan's stuff. I'm especially fond of the early Vertigo miniseries/one-shot probably creator-owned stuff: Enigma, The Extremist, Face, and The Eaters.

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