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September 16, 2005


Dave Intermittent

I'm thinking of a Perez cover maybe, showing you walking away from the shocked/confused/angry Curmudgeons, under the title "...a Curmudgeon No More!"

Though I suspect frequent guest-appearances in comment threads.

Glad to hear that you're going to stay in the game, though, if only in a single venue.


Actually, the email where I announced my departure was titled "...And One Shall Leave Them!", exhibit 437 that I am a dork.

But yes, Perez cover, white background, Singer slouching away. That's also the issue where we discover Jim Henley is actually an infiltrator sent by Comic Book Galaxy.

There are no current plans to return in a disco collar... but if any Curmudgeon were to wear one, it would be me. Rossi and Milan will vouch for that.

I'll stop now.

Greg Morrow

Curmudgeon Two-in-One Featuring: Nightwing, Dazzler, and Not the Beastmaster!

(Unfortunately, I have no comment on Seven Soldiers; it's too dense to read as individual issues and I haven't made the time to read it in big chunks.)


Rereading the issues in big chunks has been one of the great pleasures of Seven Soldiers; the more we know about the narrative as a whole, the more weight that narrative lends to even the more apparently superficial stories like "Siege at Century Hollow."

Martin Wisse

awww, give it a couple of dozen issues and you'll be back...

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