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October 09, 2005



Marc Singer is my hero!


I'm assuming the conference is going to be pretty academic from looking at it (i.e. not something to bother the comic book junkies up here I know about) -- or is this wrong? We'll be at renfest saturday day, and supposedly a party up in laurel saturday night. However, we could hang out thurs night, fri night, or maybe saturday if we change our plans around a bit.


No, bother the junkies--this is easily our most accessible conference ever with art displays, a tribute to Will Eisner, and a couple of talks (Thursday evening's chat with Jerry Robinson and Friday evening's talks at George Washington University's Gelman library) directed at a general audience. Unless their interest in comics starts and stops with cartoons about gamers or goths, by all means bother the junkies.

Not sure which night will be good for getting together--I'll call you.

P.S. There may be yet another lede about ICAF in the Post's "Weekend Pass" section...

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