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October 18, 2005


Greg Morrow

the man who created the Joker

Who? I don't remember the exact credits on Batman #1, but it was either Finger or Fox on writing, and they're both dead, and probably Sprang on art.


Jerry Robinson, who created him with Bill Finger.

Craig Fischer

In David Lodge's novel CHANGING PLACES, a group of English Department faculty play "Humiliation," a game designed to reveal the most embarrassing gaps in their educations. You win the game by admitting to the most important book you've never read: the guy who wins "Humiliation" in Lodge's novel is a newly-hired Shakespeare scholar who confesses that he's never read HAMLET. Naturally, he doesn't get tenure.

I bring "Humiliation" up because Marc neglected to note, in his ICAF report, that we played our own bizarro version last Friday night, after the George Washington University/ICAF event. Around pitchers of beer, pathetic fanboys Marc, Charles Hatfield, Paul Grist, Jose Alaniz, and myself, and pathetic fangirl Deborah Shamoon, confessed to the comic or comics they felt most embarrassed to have bought and read.

Now I won't give away any secrets--at least, not without being bribed--but I think it's newsworthy that I flattened the competition with my purchase, at 18 YEARS OLD, of the first 10 issues of DAZZLER. It was when the disco roller-skater became the herald of Galactus that I finally dropped the title.

Now don't you regular readers of NOT THE BEASTMASTER want to know Marc greatest "humiliation"? (A hint: you'd suspect that someone who writes extensively on SPIDEY SUPER-STORIES would have some serious embarrassments to hide, and you'd be right.)


Craig, my understanding was that certain of those esteemed scholars did not want their misspent youth made public, so I vowed not to out any closet Beyonder fans this year. I will protect their sterling reputations with the tenacity of Judith Miller, and the journalistic integrity of somebody much much better than Judith Miller.

And my humiliating comics purchases are on display here every day...

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