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November 14, 2005


Jim Roeg

Thanks again for the generous critique, Marc. This is a terrific essay, and I found myself nodding my head as I was reading, thinking, "ack! did I really say that??" I've finally found time to finish a response, which I've posted here. Over to you!


You're more than welcome, Jim. Thanks for putting your thoughts out there in the first place. It strikes me that, for all the talk a month or so back about how the comics blogosphere was "dead," your essay was exactly the sort of post--and this exchange is hopefully the sort of interaction--that motivated me to start blogging in the first place. Many of the names have changed but the intelligent discussion is still out there.

And, although it may be a couple of days, you can be sure I'll keep up my end sooner or later.

Steven Padnick

Um, DC already did a MAJOR, EARTH SHATTERING crossover where the villain turned out to be a hero, nostalgic for the "good old days," who destroys the universe in a mad attempt to refashion it as it was before the Crisis. That was the big reveal of Zero Hour, a nice little kick in the balls for the fans who wanted their heroes back (a reveal I LOVED, by the way) and one that probably needs to be repeated again and again until the fanatics get it into their head that if they want stories the way they USED to be, they should pick up the Showcase trades.

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