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November 19, 2005



I'm still sort of at a loss as to how that Cobweb doubling-up happened; maybe content was short, and there was simply no other choice given scheduling concerns? I rather liked the calendar iteration, though I read it a week before the sequential spin... it was piffle, but (Steve) Moore's prose was pretty amusing, a lot snappier than the whole thing looked in comics form. It was also great to see Jose Villarrubia unloading every coloring technique in the book to afford Gebbie's art a sense of differing era from piece to piece... although actually, I think my very favorite Cobweb stories were the ones (Alan) Moore did with Dame Darcy... there was one set in the future that just slew me with its sheer absurdity...


I liked the Dame Darcy story with the Mongoose from the old ABC 64-Page Giant. I can't say I cared much for the calendar version of the Cobweb origin--"piffle" seemed insufficient reward for such a high-priced comic, although I bought it for Veitch's Greyshirt story in any case. At least the calendar didn't try to narrativize its "Who's Who"-style content by pouring it into the inappropriate mold of a Mort Weisinger story. Alan Moore had already retold "The Super-Key to Fort Superman" at least once before, in Supreme; we didn't need to revisit it, even with another writer and another imprint.

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