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June 13, 2006


Kevin J. Maroney

A fine diaristic post.

Hey, is it really as easy as I think it is to tell who wrote each issue of 52 to date? Johns #1, Morrison #2 and 5, Waid #3, Rucka #4? (Possibly 3 and 4 are swapped.)

Tony Pi

Glad you haven't vanished off the face of the Earth! :) Don't know if you've heard my good news...(see my webpage, the line in red). A long way from writing CSV to that, huh?


Congratulations, Tony!

Kevin, I think multiple writers are contributing to each issue. Morrison's written the better Booster Gold scenes, the one interesting Steel scene, and the beautiful Will Magnus/T.O. Morrow conversation (hopefully the Adam Strange/Buddy Baker plot as well). Waid is handling Booster and Elongated Man, Rucka is presumably writing the Question and Montoya, and Black Adam bisecting a different bad guy every issue is all Geoff Johns. The indispensable Jog reveals the secret in the comments to this post.


how is the Stephenson book? I'm about halfway through Quicksilver, and just purchased The Confusion, just want to know if its worth it.


Sounds like you've already made enough of an investment that, for your sake, I should hope it's worth it. :)

I enjoyed the Baroque Cycle a great deal, and I'm happy to report that I enjoyed it more as it progressed: the later books are filled with blissfully ridiculous caper plots as Stephenson loosens up and adds more swashbuckling genre simulations to the historical fiction. And at 2700 pages, the cycle finally affords him enough space to end things properly. Maybe I'll get around writing a piece on it one of these days, although things will remain pretty hectic for a while.

Oh, and you can assume anything I put up on the "Current Reading" sidebar gets a recommendation; the stuff I'm ambivalent on doesn't make it up there.

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