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August 28, 2006



I'm glad you liked Grizzly Man! It's the kind of movie that gets even better the more you throw it around in your head, I think. It's amazing how Herzog takes on so many weighty themes (identity! nature! art!) without ever breaking a proverbial sweat - just totally assured filmmaking from start to stop...

Unfortunately, I don't think David B. has much else set for release in English, at least not until Babel #3 is done. Like I've said before, I'd really like to see an English edition of that big collection of dream comics he put out recently...

Ian Brill

It's good to see someone like you enjoying the Ignatz books, Marc. I think they're great stuff with Babel and Ganges being the brightest stars. I thought the second issue of Babel was even better than the first. The story of young men going to fight in Algiers was one that stayed with me for a long time. David B. brought together the compassion he uses to tells his brother's story to the way he tells his historical stories on that one.

I read Babel #1 before I read Epileptic and I was glad I did. You get a better handle on what David B. is trying to do by contrasting his brother's condition with his obsession with war and agression. I hope to see you review that book soon.


It's good to see someone like you enjoying the Ignatz books, Marc.

I'm not sure how to take that...

Hopefully the backlog of David B. comics in English will last me until the next Babel--I haven't even gotten to Epileptic yet. Some good reading ahead. (But I'd love to see a translation of "Les 4 Savants"!)

Peter Hensel

This is kind of off topic, but it seems Alison Bechdel's Fun Home would be worth considering for your comics in novels project. The memoir is an inversion on what you're looking at, a comic told where every chapter has literary allusions and direct references to literature, talking explicitly about certain novels' influences on her life as well as her real life experiences, and even if the book doesn't fit in your project, it's still one of those elusive good comics you're seeking, in my opinion.


Thanks for the recommendation, Peter. The project focuses on how comics and novels try to imagine ways to bypass conventional symbolic distance or linguistic signification (often by borrowing each other's figurative techniques), not just any cross-media referencing, so I don't know if Bechdel would work, but recommendations for good comics are always appreciated.

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