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September 01, 2006



C'mon, you know the money shot is going to be the wink.


No clue what your new email is, but: Dinner, september 7th, my dad's house.


I hope we continue to use the blog to pass along dinner invitations from your parents. It already accounts for a surprising amount of my traffic...

Steven: he's already done the wink. I want stumblebum!


Spot-on, Marc. A terrific issue from Morrison and Quitely: ingenious, funny, oh-so-subtle in some places and so arch in others. With smart, smart design work, layered, revealing dialogue, and plenty of surprises.

I really don't have any idea of what's coming next, which is the best compliment I can give for a series like this.

I enjoyed it more than expected, and by #5 I was actually expecting quite a bit. May Morrison continue be our anti-Miller for a good while, at least a few more months, please.

Scott Faulkner

One late-to-the-party comment: The two page spread you describe tripped me up at first because there wasn't a strong signal to my eye to continue reading the top panel tier, rather than reading each page separately. I took me a few panels of seemingly non-sequitur dialog before I figured out what Quitely wanted me to do. Maybe it's just me but I think a lot of contemporary comics bungle it when they suddenly switch from a single-page layout to a dual spread.


No, c'mon man! Making a petty bashed-nerd revenge as a cumshot would be killing the entire comic book. This entire trip is exactly about the opposite of that. The killing of the Peter Parkerization of Clark Kent (the alienated-alienating loner sour-faced "idiots! If they only knew...").

PS: where's the wink? I want a wink or a Reeve's smile as a cumshot. Or the full blown voudoun xxx cumshot to end all climaxes, even better than Flex Mentallo's. I'll be waiting for my SHA_AN and superheroes poppin' up all over the place and pickin' up that key from #2 (AKA: A.S.S.).


I don't know, Clark/Superman sounded pretty alienated back in #2 (though not of the Peter Parker variety). The return of Nerd Clark--and the conceit that it allows Superman to do more good without breaking character--has been one of the highlights of this series.

Morrison did the wink at the end of DC One Million: a lovely moment, but he's been there before. Reeve's smile would be great, and certainly well within Quitely's range.

PS to the world: Kan Mattoo is a LIAR.


What I meant is, while Clark IS nerd, I'm feeling Morrison doing it more to that conscious front (while helping people without ever breaking his residual image), but without all the things that usually come together with the secret identity. It's not so much the Peter Parker way to go "this is not the real me, if they only knew. Idiots. Sheep! YadaYada!" and all these sort of anti-social things that's pure grim gritty that Morrison's washing away or is playing on already washed grounds (while on Batman, he's doing the wash big time it seems. Or I hope that's what he's aiming for).

If there's any trace of that still, I think it's being washed away by having it's anti-social debts being paid (for instance, Lois' response, like the "that creepy weirdo could never be Superman", while a geek reader somewhere is going "Ouch, bitch! That hurts!" and locks himself alone in his Fortress of Solitude and "playing pranks on Lois" (keeping his distance))

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