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November 25, 2006


Jones, one of the Jones boys


Geoff Klock

Zizek is very annoying with those little carrots or whatever they are. I quoted him in my book a few times and now there is an obvious typo in my index because the index entry left off the little Slovenian do-hickeys. Still -- he is a pretty good writer, and a lot of fun, so you have to put up with it I suppose.


At least your index entry reads like a name and not some strange language/geometry hybrid.

(In other words, at least the typo reads like a typo and not, say, an indictment of the entire copyediting process at Continuum.)

Kevin J. Maroney

I will say that desktop computers, even some with professional-grade software, often are not well-equipped to handle haceks and other exotic diacriticals. Further, the article might have looked fine when it left the layout artist's computer only to get completely screwed up at the printer. Makereadys are an expensive additional step that a low-budget magazine might well omit.


Fair points, Kevin, but the journal used haceks (so that's the name--thanks!) elsewhere in the same issue so it's not like they're incapable of handling them.

This isn't the first time IJOCA has introduced errors into my and other scholars' work, but it is the first time those errors have been so egregious that I have to reconsider whether I can even submit the piece to my university, and that's a shame.

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