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November 06, 2006



I think the dialogue implied that the man is Bug's father but not Michael's.

Jones, one of the Jones boys

Rawls may not be the biggest arsehole on the show, but he's surely the greatest arsehole boss of all time. He beats even Gary Cole in "Office Space".

Dave Van Domelen

Marc, sorry to threadjack, but could you email me? My emails to you are bouncing again, and I'd like to ask you some questions on Adams Morgan for ASH #74.


Just remember--Morgan Adams dies of a broken heart.


Herc's the epitome of bad police. He couldn't catch a cold.

I can understand Rawls and Delonda, but Marlo's no asshole. He's a cold-hearted bastard, sure, but not an asshole.


Marlo, the drug king of West Baltimore, shoplifted two lollipops just to humiliate a security guard and then had the guy killed for talking back.


Btw, hilker, I think you're right about Bug's father. Of course, Michael doesn't seem to think that makes Bug any safer.

All season long Michael has been withdrawing into a silent, private space any time he interacts with a male authority figure--Cutty, Prez, even Marlo at first. I was ready to chalk that up to something private and essentially unknowable about adolescence, but then last week hit me with the real explanation. Great storytelling that retroactively makes sense of everything.

And unfortunately, Marlo seems to be the only authority figure who's found his way past Michael's defenses. Trouble's brewing...


I don't know if it's Marlo being an asshole as much as it is his need to project an era of badassness in order to survive. During class, Namon and the other kids discuss the necessity of never giving an inch while on the corner; I think that need to project an aura of badassness only increases as one moves up the gangster food chain.

What would have happened had Marlo let the guard's comments slide? Probably nothing, but Chris or a passer-by might have picked up on it and interpreted Marlo's actions as a sign of weakness.

On another note, has anyone else guessed who Micheal's father is?


Phil, I can't imagine any excuse in which Marlo "needs" to provoke, humiliate, and kill a random citizen just to show his power. And since his victims disappear anyway it's not like the guard's death sends a clear message to anyone else (as they found out last week with the New York boys). Marlo is just drunk on his own power--he's discovered a way to drop bodies with impunity and he's using it to amuse himself.

So... asshole.

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