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December 17, 2006



Who was saved in Season 4? Maybe McNulty...although, following Bodie's death, this season's respite appears to be coming to a close.

You seem to be forgetting Namond's nod to the SUV as he stands on the Colvins' porch near the end of the final episode. I have a hard time believing Namond's left the game for good.


I'm going to have to buy or at least rent the Wire DVDs now...is it accessible from the beginning of season 4?



Watching Season 4 without having watched at least Season 3 would be a little disorientating, but my advice would be to start from the beginning. You'll be glad you did.


I second Phil's recommendation to start at the beginning (although if you have to skip one season, make it season two). Seasons one through three are out on DVD, and if you're lucky enough to have HBO on-demand you can watch season four up through the end of the year.

Phil, it would be naive in the extreme to think Namond's old habits and friends won't continue to have a pull on him--thank god The Wire isn't that naive. But I like his chances living with the Colvins a lot better than with Season Four Asshole of the Year Delonda Brice.


Phil, Marc, thanks for the help.


Don't skip Season 2. Watch them all, in a row, you'll be glad you did.


I'm not sure any of the characters survives intact, and I especially think that Randy is done. This is what made the ending of season 4 so bleak and harrowing, at how utterly the system failed Randy. Oh, yeah, Omar might be headed for a good life. Whoduh thunk it?


Omar is the character most in need of a takedown, to counteract the romanticization of his character (so uncommon for this series). Considering he just made an enemy of every drug organization in the city, including the Greek's, I'd say the good life won't last for long...

Also, we could do with a reminder of how Omar, the noble criminal who prays only on evil drug dealers, makes his money. Somewhere, sooner or later, one piece at a time, that package he stole is ending up back on the streets.

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