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January 07, 2008



I think you're a bit too reflexive on the Herc call. Yeah, working for Levy is incredible in light of his previous job, (shades of Herc working on the Avon case for months but barely being able to remember his name when he sees him on the street 18 months later in season 3), but his idiocy will probably do nothing but hinder Levy in the end. So dumbest asshole sure, but not biggest. That award has to go to that Chief of Staff who constantly tells Carcetti to put the needs of the city behind his bid for governor or to Carcetti himself. Sure Herc is a nightmare, but he's not bringing down an entire city due to naked ambition.


It is awfully easy to call Herc, at least for Dumbest, but the lack of loyalty to Kima earns him both titles this week.

Assholery is such a mercurial quality--if it were just measured by the scale of damage done, the politicians would win every week. Even Marlo would barely qualify against them. But in Wireworld, at least in my idiosyncratic take on it, assholery is about the joy taken in the damage, and the responsibilities abandoned and the values destroyed along the way. That's why Delonda Brice won last season's coveted crown with a grand total of one life ruined (and not irrevocably, at that). Herc martyring himself while forgetting his friends and mentors--and his enemies--puts him dangerously close to Delonda territory. But keep pressing your case! The Asshole Awards, like the Sun newsroom, are a place of healthy discussion and debate.

This probably warrants a post of its own someday...


Have you seen the 2 minute prequels on demand? They are of Prop Joe, Omar, and McNulty and Bunk.....Kinda amusing,..


I didn't like 'em. The Bunk/McNulty one was okay just because Dominic West and Wendell Pierce could carry it, but those kid actors... they are not the kid actors of season four.

And I hate the way the flashbacks turn Prop Joe and Omar into cartoon characters. Again, the McNulty one just barely gets away with it because it's dealing with fully-formed adult personalities but little kids who act exactly like the adults we know... it's a little too Wire Babies.

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