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February 07, 2008


Ken Lowery

The Wire is telling the biggest story in the world, the story of a profound shift in the way western societies are organized.

I wonder if it's also a self-indictment. The whole fabricated serial killer angle has finally started to take full shape in my mind, especially in seeing Bunk grow more and more frustrated as the real work he's doing is overshadowed and hindered, and ultimately subject to that fabrication -- I saw this and thought, oh shit, Simon and co. are talking about themselves here, too, along with "narrative journalists" like the doth-protest Mark Bowden.

Bowden and Simon are in the business of making the "mundane" become "larger than life," even if by regular fiction standards they're pretty subdued. Is Simon saying with his McNulty/Bunk tension that, by doing so, he's overshadowing and sometimes impeding the real work of the real people? That all "journalists," be they working for a paper or a book publisher, do the same just by doing their job?

When I think of the hype Simon circulated about there maybe not being a season 5, and the attention that got, and suddenly there WAS a season 5... it's almost like HBO was City Hall there.

Time to scroll up and read the rest of your posts, and I'm sure I'll find you articulating this, only much more fluently...

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