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February 11, 2008



It makes no sense that HBO would only shell out for 10 episodes in its final season after reluctantly coughing up the cash every season prior. I think the compression is really hurting this season both in terms of plot and in terms of the show being forced to take shortcuts in both dialogue and exposition to convey something to the audience. Where in seasons past, we might eventually come around to "Ah, so this is what they mean.", this season they just come out and say "We mean THIS." That's not the Wire's style. Shame on HBO for tainting the television's best ever dramatic series on its way out. But, who knows how much begging and pleading David Simon had to do to even get ten episodes.... beggars can't be choosers, I suppose.


All the more frustrating since HBO was initially reported as signing up for thirteen episodes, and at some point the season got cut back to ten. I wonder if the compression resulted from trying to jam a story blocked for thirteen parts into ten slots.


amusing to watch Carcetti claim responsibility for a project that began back in the Royce administration

In retrospect, I think I blew that call. We saw Andy Krawczyk's ribbon-cutting (with Clay Davis) for the grain pier project at the end of season two. This new groundbreaking ceremony had something that looked a lot like a rusting granary in the background, but it's a new project called "Westport" and Nick says Carcetti's tearing down the Port of Baltimore.

Shit. No wonder Johnny Fifty is homeless.

Tom Russell

Thank you for blogging about "The Wire", Marc. My wife and I recently began watching the first season on DVD, and I must confess if it hadn't been for the intelligent commentary you've been doing we would have never heard of it. Needless to say we're looking forward to all the seasons still ahead of us.


Glad to hear it, Tom! I'm thrilled that this blog turned you on to the Wire.

Now for the love of god, stop reading it before I spoil everything. :)

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