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February 26, 2008



I must see DeLonda. I've been craving her all season. How dare they wait so long to show her, teasing with a possible total non-appearance?!

Jeff R.

Brother Mouzone, although I can't see how to pull it off.


With Carcetti getting back into politics, I wouldn't be surprised to see that political adviser McNulty was with, Theresa D'Agostino, back in the mix. Where they left her the last time we saw her was nice, a nice moment, but I'm not sure Carcetti's in the same place as he was at that moment anymore...? That scene with his wife...

She'd be a distraction from all the other things this season, though. Or: has D'Agostino been in the new season and I didn't notice her?


Oh: and the Deacon! Did I miss him too? That absence has maybe said a lot about this season though, so maybe it'd be better without him.


Brother Mouzone is actually the one character I do not want to see return, for the same reasons I'm okay with Omar's fate.

The Deacon--yes, absolutely.


People I'd like to see:

Zenobia from Bunny's class - Just cause she was really cool.

Shamrock - If he's out of jail, it would be great to see if he's running his own crew and still swearing by Robert's Rules of Order.

Marimow - Always good to see where assholes land.

And while I wouldn't want to see Mouzone either, Lamar would be kinda amusing.

Ken Lowery

I've wondered where the hell Shardene is for like four seasons, but then this show has never put too much emphasis on "the home life."

I miss Caroline.

If I never see Valchek again I'll be okay with that. What an asshole.


One character from your list gets a verbal mention on episode 9 in a way that strong suggests they couldn't brought the actor back.

Prez, Wee-Bay and Brianna are the only characters that were in at least one episode every season that hadn't show up in the first eight episodes.


Filipe, I just caught episode nine today and hoo boy, it's a good one--but again, I have to ask that this thread stay free of spoilers or hints. (Though I will say this: Asshole of the Year is locked up.)

Ken: Valchek's a bastard, not an asshole! Okay, he's both--but he is so much fun to watch. I still crack up when I think of him fingerprinting that polaroid.

Daniel: Lamar would be great. And if Claude Diggins has the best Baltimore name, Sean "Shamrock" McGinty has the best street name bar none.

Why do I get the feeling that Bill Marimow is doing just fine in a Rawls-helmed BPD?

I forgot another one--Major Bobby Reed, the head of IID who's completely in Burrell's pocket. The time for him to make an appearance would have been the first episodes, though, when Burrell was besieged. Would he rally behind his rabbi, or turn on him once the writing was on the wall--and wouldn't it have been fun watching him pivot?

(Rabbi and the writing on the wall... I slay myself, I really do.)

Shit, Marimow is probably Reed's replacement.

Sean Witzke

I don't think they can go through a finale without two people: Valcheck and Colvin. Valcheck is the catalyst for the whole series in a way and I think Simon has a pretty good sense of balance.
But Colvin is the heart of Simon's Baltimore. They can't finish it all off without him. If Gus Haynes is this season's replacement, he seems to find himself sitting down with a lot of great characters - wouldn't it be great if the final scene is the two of them talking shit?


Mos' def.

I would say Phelan is more the catalyst for the series, and McNulty, but you couldn't have had a season two or anything after without Valchek.

I have been reevaluating my "Stan's bastardy works for the good of the city" theory lately. The union and the port seem to be dead and that's because he abused his authority to pursue a grudge over a church window. OTOH, Frank Sobotka's corruption was Frank's fault, and Andy Krawczyk would have been coming for the real estate regardless. Still, that's the one truly assholish thing Stan's done that I can't spin into something positive. Except that we got the MCU and The Wire seasons 2-5 out of it...

Jones, one of the Jones boys

Two words: Fuzzy Dunlop.


I think all of season five can be read as an extended Fuzzy Dunlop story.

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