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February 25, 2008



"Spoiler alert...We all knew Omar wasn't going to outlast this season, didn't we?" !Damit I really need to stop reading this bog until the Wire ends.

That is all.


Don't say I didn't warn you, Isaac!

Ken Lowery

If any shred of the MCU survives this scam--and it may be as doomed as Omar--Sydnor might be the only guy who can carry the torch and start training a new unit.

I'm not so optimistic. The entire thread of the show is about how institutions eventually become bureaucracies whose primary concern is self-preservation, and we see the MCU is doing the same thing. Its integrity is being cast aside for the express purpose of finding that one magic bullet that will take Marlo down, that one magic bullet that never seems to materialize.

McNulty and Freamon are now in the business of keeping themselves in the game, just like everyone they think they're spiting.

I doubt Templeton has any redeeming features re: journalism. Some folks are just born fabulists.


I disagree with some of that. McNulty and Freamon are keeping the unit running because they want to do the work of the unit, and because they are specifically out to shut down Marlo, not because the unit itself offers any career or financial benefits. They aren't careerists--far from it.

There was a great scene a couple weeks back--I forget which episode--where a drunken Jimmy starts rambling about the promises that were broken, specifically the promise that the vacants would be worked like a real case. Jimmy took himself out of a good job in the Western, and a good situation with Beadie, to go back to the MCU. He put himself in an investigation that he knew was going to wreck his relationship and send him back into the bottle because he wanted those murders closed (because he felt guilty about getting Bodie killed--brilliant that he's been McNulty's primary motivation this season even though his name hasn't been mentioned once). When the department pulls the plug, he finds a way to keep it going. It's not about bureaucracy. It's not even about all that good stuff in the Quantico profile, although that's knocking around in his head too. (Imagine how this season might have played out if he'd gone to the Sun with his real story about the Stanfield case getting shut down?) It's about Preston "Bodie" Broaddus and everything McNulty gave up to work his case.

Ken Lowery

Mmm.. yeah, I agree with you there. But I wonder if any of that nuance will come through if/when the press busts McNulty and co? I am doubtful.

This whole thing feels awesomely meta to me, too. Like Simon's saying "Fine, you won't watch the show when I'm laying out real, horrible mass murders? I'll sensationalize it with a serial killer and see how you like it THEN."

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