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March 06, 2008



Biggest Asshole: Steinhorff or Herc. I'd add Chesse to the nominees the guy sold out his own uncle that he knew saved his life a year ago that should be worth of a nomination.

Dumbest Asshole: Lester with McNulty a close second. Lester only won it because he is supposed to be smarter. I'd add Scott here too, he is too dumb to qualify only in the biggest category. I'm not quite sure Joe should be here, in narrative terms he certainly look dumb, but I do think there's an argument that from his POV there were nothing dangerous about any of Marlo's moves outside of his attempts to undermine him in co-op meetings which Joe probably saw as Marlo being Marlo.

Carftiest Bastard: Now, it gets harder for me because I've seen the finale already. I might go with Valchek even with the no screen time, then the man owns this category every season. My other candidate is a non-nomine but it's a spoiler. [DELETED--ms].

Heart of Gold: My winner here is again a non nominee thanks to the finale. [DELETED--ms].

Most improved: [DELETED--ms]


Filipe, I took a very free hand in deleting anything that looked like a spoiler in your comments, and I cut out some good material--but I have to insist that NOBODY POST ANY SPOILERS until after the finale has aired. I reserve the right to delete comments or, if need be, to ban comments entirely. I've asked you this once before and I won't do so again.

We're all very impressed that you've seen the finale. You can hold your thoughts on it until Monday.


Which isn't to say that I don't agree with you about Cheese and some of the things I had to cut--but please, hold back on anything that even hints of a spoiler.


This is all for this season, right? Cause a big part of me wants to give Carver some more props for developing into a real officer in the last two seasons, even as Herc's lazy and mercenary nature gets the best of him.

Biggest Asshole:
I think Marlo's a creature of his environment, just as Whiting is, and even Steintorf (whose name I never remember when watching, so I've actually called him Mr. Asshole when trying to come up with it) to some degree, not though that excuses them. Still, Templeton and Herc are worse, and Herc's the worst. He's seen the consequences first hand of what his actions can/will do, up to and including the fact that he puts his friends on the line this way. I also think there's a case for the federal prosecutor who decided to not prosecute Clay with the headshot. That said, I reserve this slot to whoever the courthouse leak is--I think Phelan, all that drinking must be a sign of something. Though Rhonda would cut much closer.

Dumbest Asshole:
I think you're being hard on Prop Joe and easy on Cheese. I think Cheese could be straight up Mr. Asshole nominee, if not for the fact that he's so dumb he doesn't realize that Prop Joe probably built him and saved him dozens of times. Bond should've known better--he might not have beaten Clay, but he should've seen it all coming, and so should've Freamon, but McNulty wins for me. Freamon is in because the serial killer case is a tool, but McNulty's the one with the original idea and the lack of follow-through, telling anyone who asks about it, being too free with resources. Dumb dumb dumb.

Craftiest Bastard:
Marlo's crafty, but Freamon and Chris Partlow got him, the latter by insulating him too much. Valchek's better than Rawls since he made a play for Commissioner knowing it'd only be for the pension bump, but Freamon and Neerese seem to have played their hands the best, and with nary a second thought. I'd need to see who falls after the finale to pick a winner, and then I think it might be Levy. When everyone else is down, you figure the lawyer's still going to be there.

Heart of Gold:
RIght on about the way Daniel feels, too much of the home team feel there. And I think Bunk should get more cred for guiding Beadie away from McNulty. But Kima's cleaning up her personal life and the force, and to borrow a phrase from a current leading presidential candidate that the show's writer's mispredicted would be a joke, Kima's shown good judgment from the outset.

Most Improved:
Fletch, not Alma? Same difference probably. I think Michael and Sydnor are growing into the potential they've had since being introduced, as opposed to improving themselves per se. I'm splitting hairs, I suppose, and it's the emotional call, but Bubbles is gonna make. I hope.


Marc, pretty okay. I tried very harder to avoid any spoiler, but I can see how my thoughts on the couple of characters that you cut might qualify, the irony is that I only wrote about them, because it's all stuff that I could have said without the finale, But I understand how one can read that and make some right guesses about those characters in the finale.


Yeah, I hated to cut such good comments, but I wanted to play it safe. No hard feelings.

hcduvall--Carver would be a dark horse for Most Improved this season, since most of his growth happens between seasons. I think I'm going to have to hand out some lifetime achievement awards for all the Peter O'Tooles. I also expect to change some of the past awards based on the discussion here, so maybe Carver will get some love.

I think you're right about Marlo and Steintorf, but even if Whiting truly has no choice about the buyouts he's still been spiking stories about his friends, encouraging the kind of trivial sentimentalism that Templeton cranks out, generally creating an environment in which Templetons can flourish. He stays in the running.

I honestly never thought the leak would be a "name" character. Am I imagining things, or did we actually see this leak in action a couple of seasons ago--some secretary feeding information to the drug gangs? (No, I'm not thinking of Agent Koutris.)

Cheese definitely deserves one of the Asshole nominations. His general stupidity suggests Dumbest, but we'd have to see some blowback for his choices in the finale.

Good point on Michael and Sydnor. As for Alma--what happened to her? She just disappeared in the second half of the season when Templeton stole the serial killer story out from under her. I wish we'd seen a lot more of her, especially since she's implicated, however innocently (or naively?) in the propagation of the lie. But it's hard to play to that when she's been pushed offscreen.

I've gotta go with you on Bubs, for the same reasons. Fingers crossed.


Marc, you may be right about the leak not being a "name" character. I thought I was reaching a bit with Phelan, but think David Simon has pretty consistently populated the show with at least a glimpse of every player, though now that you've mentioned it, the Greek's connection wasn't seen for much. I suppose a cop could do it...

I like Klebanow more than Whiting then for bureaucratic asshole. Whiting's arrogant sense of self-worth may keep him there the way Templeton's does (Filipe is right, he's not exactly bright, but smarm does help you in this race)--I don't know, I figure Whiting has been insulated from everyday reporting for a while now, the way all higher ups tend to be, and middle managers just get to me.

Sean Witzke

What do you think about Carver for Heart of Gold this season? I think he's the one member of the unit that hasn't been morally compromised in any way, but he's still made the right choices with Colicchio.

Then again, maybe letting McNulty use his men the way he did was enough? I dunno. If not him, it's gotta be the Bunk.


Bunk stood by and let the whole thing start with that first dead homeless guy. He's conducted himself honorably since then, although his silence has abetted Jimmy and Lester's scam. And Carver not only gets in on the "fucked-up McNulty shit," he doesn't seem to have any clue he's put his people in danger until Kima straightens him out. She's the only one whose hands aren't dirty.

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