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March 03, 2008



Herc: biggest asshole worldwide, without a doubt. And why isn't he afraid someone's going to figure out that he would have been the only one who could leak the phone number? Levy's not stupid.

Justin Levy

As the airdate for the last episode of The Wire approaches, Marc Steiner and the Center for Emerging Media are doing a new series of interviews on The Wire. There's going to be a new one added to their site every day this week. The first interview, with Ed Burns, is already up! The site is www.marcsteinerblog.wordpress.com
To go right to the Ed Burns interview, go here: www.marcsteinerblog.wordpress.com/2008/03/03/3308-the-wire-podcasts-ed-burns


You guys aren't catching the brilliant game that Herc is running here. Look at how he skillfully manipulates Levy, letting him subtly know that, yes, Herc was responsible for leaking the number even while maintaining plausible deniability. And look at the bind he puts Levy in! Now Levy can't accuse the police of running a secret wiretap because Levy himself was the source of the leak! Rather than endangering the case, Herc has saved it by preventing Levy, who was already suspecting a wire, from acting on the info. Biggest asshole? No. Try craftiest bastard instead.

OK, maybe not.


It was good to see Snoop's feminine side. "How's my hair look?" would have been a fine epigraph to episode 9. "You were never one of us" would have been good too.

Enjoyed watching Micheal piece Snoop's plan together. He was taught well, but what next? Is he the next Omar? Or the next Marlo, appearing out of nowhere to take over some scene? I don't mind not knowing.

What a tangled web! The contrast between Daniels' look after having heard Lester's story with his look after calling Marlo's cell was perfect.


I blew the perfect non-Bunk quote for episode 8--Jimmy's "You start to tell the story, you think you're the hero..."

I hadn't even thought of Michael becoming the next Omar. That would be almost too comforting (even though I can't imagine that's a comfortable life), passing the legacy on like that. Or really, giving Omar a legacy at all, since he was such an individualist. Making Michael the next Marlo would be far more disquieting, but more true to the series.


Yeah that episode made me think Michael was the next Omar almost immediately. All about the watching and acting on the surveillance. Very Omar.

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