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August 21, 2008



My school ordered the last International Journal of Comic Art, so hopefully they'll get this one. Of your four articles it's the one I'm most interested in; while I really liked Making Comics I'm sort of hoping for a critical takedown, there's a lot of wasted space and it suffers when he moves from quirky advice into serious attempts at inspiration. And the 'Understanding Comics Culture' mini-chapter is just dire stuff, I couldn't bring myself to finish it the first read through. Will the review cover any of that stuff? Can you even say?

Also, The Wire Season Five is finally out on DVD, months after you've stopped talking about it...at least I can finally read the archives now.


Yeah, I definitely address the "four tribes" stuff, which I liked about as much as you did. I may post the review here in a few months, once the issue has been out a while.

Joe Gualtieri

Marc, is there new website for the IJOCA? The only websote I'm getting via google (or the journal's wiki entry) has the latest issue as the one from Fall '05


Joe, I'm afraid the only IJOCA website hasn't been updated in a couple of years. However, the subscription and contact information listed there is still valid if you're interested in mailing John and ordering any issues.

Joe Gualtieri

Thanks Marc. I'm definately interested in ordering any newer issues!

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