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September 09, 2008



I remember buying comics as a kid and carrying them home in a plastic bag emblazoned with the Maggie line-up shot, but I never actually read Love & Rockets until I went looking for books to teach to students. The local connection (Oxnard is about half an hour from here), the easy layouts, the identifiable characters and gutsy themes of Death of Speedy made it ideal for me and I continue to use it as the first comic my students read whenever I teach freshmen.

Thanks for the reading tip, Marc. I know you're not blogging very regularly, but I don't want to miss it when you do, so I added this page to my own blogroll at doctorcomics.


I also came to Love & Rockets when I started looking for comics that taught well, and they've never disappointed (though I usually opt for Gilbert's Palomar stories, esp. "Human Diastrophism").

I didn't know you were that close to the coast--I thought you were at Riverside? We just passed through Ventura Co. last month on a big southern California trip.

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