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September 17, 2008



Ah, Marc - I've bored Jog and Andrew Hickey rigid already with my specific take on it being really, in the end, about fertility and empowerment, the paternal line but I'll just say... my son was conceived shortly after this comic began. I don't believe in magic, but it's there nonetheless - in quantum flux, like Lois' life in #3 or Beyond, like Clark's 'secret identity' (which is just the perfect solution really.) He'll be 2 in 3 weeks, which some might use as a searing indictment of Quitely's pace but fuck them.

We called him Calum, which - it wasn't a conscious thing, though it did turn out to be, zeitgeist-catchingly and annoyingly, the most popular baby name in this area at that time - but you know the first syllable, the choice to use one 'L' instead of the more common two, I just wonder on some level if it didn't affect my judgment.

The hardest bit is when he has to turn from his artificial paradise, leave his father, and do what needs done. It's the best bit.

Craig McGill

An amazing 12-issue run, probably the best defining run of Superman. As I said on my blog, what made it for me was the humanity in the characters as much as anything else.


... my son was conceived shortly after this comic began.

Remember when the cover image to the first issue was released, and a couple of fanboys panicked about Superman's come-hither look?

I had no idea they were right!


This was a beautiful series on all levels. If only all comic creators were this talented or tried as hard.


>a story that actually reads much better
>after you've read the next one, but that's >a post I'll probably never write

I'd really like to read that.


Remember when the cover image to the first issue was released, and a couple of fanboys panicked about Superman's come-hither look?

Well, ah - gosh, I'm a little geeksweaty and embarrassed now; I do remember that, quite well actually, and I think it's sadly amusing that ByrneBo's were so appalled at Superman trying to gay them up when, really, it's a perfect summary cover for the - what I think are - fairly convincing attempts at salvage and repair on the apparently embattled masculine psyche; simple ingredients like kindness, openness, indefatigability... I'm not saying Superman empowered my sperms to the point they were capable of overcoming (a wee bit irregularly, but not infrequently-used) birth control pills, but I MIGHT be, wouldn't it be amazing/impressive if, etc.


Ah, FBR - I still laughed rereading the comment thread, even now.

Additional: http://www.beaucoupkevin.com/images/allstarsupermanhack.jpg


That version does look like it would be much more palatable to the comics-reading audience of 2005.

Or 2008, since apparently the boys can't read enough about that improperly-masked Batgirl c*nt.

By the way, Duncan, don't take this the wrong way, but... ah... I don't need any more details about the genesis of your magical starchild.


No, quite - so long as we're agreed that is what indeed he be.


So stipulated.

Mick, pardon the late reply, but maybe I will write up that post--as part of a look at the second half or maybe even the entirety of All Star Superman. Not right away, though.

In the meantime, I recommend Jog's review over at the Savage Critics and the ensuing comment thread, where Cole Moore Odell lays out a very elegant theory.

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