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February 03, 2009


Andrew Hickey

I disagree with your assessment of Final Crisis, and I'm very sad that you've decided to give up the blog, but if it means you'll actually write the book about Morrison, and that I therefore will get to *read* your book about Morrison, I'm all for it.

Kevin J. Maroney

-this isn't implying stories, it's summarizing them

That's true on a literal level within issue 7 as well--significant chunks of the narrative are capsule descriptions of what might have been interesting scenes, or even storylines, told as flatly as possible to characters we don't know or care about.

It's hard to read this without thinking "Boy, he ran out of pages fast"--but even that doesn't account for the more severe structural problems you so well enumerated--the four different ultimate defeats of Darkseid, the completely unnecessary resurrection of Barry Allen, and the rehash of what should have been the ending of Superman Beyond. There's frantic, there's compressed, and then there's just plain collapse--and this is just plain collapse.


Well, I'm not particularly sad that you're giving up blogging as you haven't really been doing it the whole time I've been paying proper attention to the blogosphere. As long as I get to read the occasional post and well thought out comment I'll be happy.

Just write the bloody book, eh, Mark! I *WILL* be sad if you don't do that


You're wrong Marc, Micah Ian Wright meant the world to me!!

No, I did the same thing, actually... I don't ever remember when. Paying mind to some flavor of longevity... I can barely even remember when I used to post seven days a week (I think being a student possibly played a role!)...

Wonderful post to finish one... I'll always keep an eye out, of course... very few leave forever.

Jeff R.

I have to believe that the four ultimate defeats of Darkseid was a deliberate copy of Crisis on Infinite Earths #12, in which the Anti-Monitor was finally destroyed four times...

(The Aquaman panel might also be reference to that issue, which spend an entire page killing off Mera in action barely related to the main plot.)

Anyhow, I'll keep an eye out for the book, and check around here occasionally (especially when Treme starts, I guess)


I wish at times Morrison would require different aesthetics from his artists. More space could be used, for instance, if some scenes were made like 40's books (a bunch of little panels where entire seven trades happens), in other moments something a Kirby-ish Chris Ware would do (for instance, to set up more properly Superman's singing) and so on. The sense of lack of proper transition between "channels" made it appear all too random (without the sense of storytelling you'd get from someone like Quitely or artists under Moore's strict leash).


Another promise to buy the book, here.

Great post, wonderfully acute as always...and as Jog said, a fitting end-point, but I think you may've screwed up my plans to write a review of Final Crisis without having read it! Yesterday, such a shocking notion...today, old hat.

Curse you, Marc!

Will keep checking in monthly, of course.


I'm a big fan of Final Crisis, had a great time reading it, but found it to be a huge disappointment in comparison to what it really felt like it was meant to be.

This is a fantastic, good spirited explanation of why that is. Thanks for the writing

Sean Witzke

Sad to see you go, Mark. Great piece to go out on. And I also will buy the hell out of that book.

Tucker Stone

What an excellent piece of anaylsis that was. Fine work Marc, and I look forward to wherever your writing takes you next.

Garth Wallace

Final Crisis #7 read like the movie trailer for Final Crisis #7.

I'll miss your blog posts (as few and far between as they've been), but I'm looking forward to your book!


It's rare indeed that someone can leave on such a perfectly realized high note.

Some essayists have the gift of not only delivering new insights but also helping people understand what they didn't know they already thought -- "so that's why this work meant so much to me" or "now I get why that book left me cold" -- as if you're reading or watching with us rather than at us. This post epitomizes the best of what's been present in your writing all this time.

This was one of the first blogs featuring serious comics analysis I ever read, possibly the very first. Well done.


"I gave that hu-man those words...!"

RAB says what I wish I had said. True, true, true, all of it. How many times have I referenced "This Man, This Metaphor!"...how many times have I exploded into a room proclaiming "Lo, Derrida, Thou Facest THOR!"

Man oh man.

And now I go to rent Wire DVDs. You've convinced me. Sorry, something in my eye...

See you soon! Sort of.


Great review Marc, as always! Of all the chat Final Crisis has generated (some of it idiotic, some of it wonderful), this post has best articulated why I found the book so frustrating.

Also, this bit...

"Lately, though, with Batman and especially with Final Crisis he seems to have become more interested in the monthly superhero comic as a final narrative format, a neverending story whose installments are not even vaguely self-sufficient, individually or collectively, and the continuity-bound superhero crossover as something still less self-sufficient than that..."

Gets right to the heart of why Morrison's post ASS/Seven Soldiers work has been kinda disappointing to me.* That said, I did love those two Batman issues, the second part of Superman Beyond, the sketch book (!), etc. Maybe I just wish these projects stood on their own? If they'd interconnected like the various parts of Seven Soldiers, then that'd be something, but as it is I'm not sure they add up all that well.

I'm sad to hear that you're not going to be blogging here anymore, but I'm sure whatever writing you do next will be amazing.** And if you write that book on Morrison then WOW! Count me in!

*Frustratingly engaging, occasionally brilliant, and far more interesting than most anything else coming out in a spandex wrapper, but still a bit of a let down.

**I'd ramble on about how big an influence your blog has been on mine, but I'm not sure anyone needs to hear it!

Greg Morrow

what does Barry Allen do that Wally West couldn't do on his own?

Barry Allen is better than Wally West, because, A., he doesn't have to struggle to be a hero, it comes naturally to him; B., he's a scientist who thinks his way through his enemies' plots, using SCIENCE; C. I was twelve when I started reading Barry Allen Flash comics.


Wow, thanks everybody. I'm glad you liked the piece and I'm flattered to hear the kind words about this blog. Blogs can't exist in a vacuum and I'm indebted to all of you for the high quality of discussion at your own sites.

Plok--how many times have you burst into a room screaming "Lo, Derrida, Thou Facest THOR!"???

Zom, Sean, I am thinking of starting a new blog called I AM NOT MARK WITH A K. :)

Matthew J. Brady

I'll miss you Marc, but I'll repeat the assertion that this is an excellent way to go out. Good luck on the book; you could probably write one on The Wire as well. Speaking of which, I still have yet to watch season five, which would be why I didn't show up in the comments of your posts for that season. When I get around to watching the DVDs, I'm sure I'll be perusing all your writings and enjoying the analysis.

Joe Iglesias

Just wanted to add to the chorus of praise. Thanks for blogging as long as you have, and I look forward to whatever else you'll write, wherever I see it.

David Golding

Thanks for all the lovely posts, and thanks for convincing me to watch The Wire! Now: the world needs your Morrison book. Good luck!

Kevin J. Maroney

After reading this post, I came across Morrison's "Final Crisis Exit Interview" on Newsrama. Alas, it looks like a very high percentage of the things Morrison did that I found unsatisfying were, in fact, deliberate.

On the other hand, I really should try reading Morrison's own contributions to FC in the order he intended them to be read--I think that reading Superman Beyond #2 around the time of FC #3, instead just before #7, would improve both works significantly.

Chris Miller

You not only have penetrating insights to offer, you also obviously had a great deal more patience than I did to so methodically analyze this issue in the process of offering them.

FC had such potential, yet turned out to be such a crashing disappointment.

"Cascading anticlimaxes"... what an absolutely brilliant way of summing the whole thing up.

Marc Singer

Thanks, Chris.

Kevin, I don't know how deliberate they were--I read a lot of that interview as Morrison attempting to save face by claiming his missteps were actually deliberate choices or "pointed comments." (God save us from any more superhero crossovers with pointed comments on modern comics!) If he speaks the truth, I think that makes Final Crisis even worse: simple mistakes become acts of self-sabotage.

I mean, if he's worried that nobody else will use Mister Miracle or the Super Young Team, writing them out of their own story is a great way to insure that.

Jones, one of the Jones boys

Sorry to hear the hiatus becoming official, but glad to read your thoughts on FC. Oy, what a mess.

Craig Fischer

I haven't read a single panel of FC--I'm not interested in it at all--but I've read all your posts, about FC, THE WIRE, everything. I'll always be interested in what you have to say, Marc, and like everybody else I wish I'd bought your Morrison book yesterday.

And what you said about comics blogging is so painfully true...

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