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January 13, 2010



Ha, big man! Nice one.

Babies are brilliant; childbirth and that, I know it's dead ordinary, but it still looked a damn miracle to me.

Anyway, congratulations on the wee smasher.




Thanks, gents. Duncan, I've often thought about your comments here about your magical starchild, since that is the only way to describe them. There is something solar in all of them.

Greg Morrow

Awesome, dude.

Christy R.

adorable! where'd you steal him?

David Allison

Awww, that's wonderful!

Congratulations Marc!


Cool. I did not know.

David Golding

Thermodynamic miracles for sure. It's all about perspective. At the level of population, childbirth is dead ordinary. Told of at one remove, and it's just the start of your friends being all weird and boring about their kid. But up close and personal, the detail is just amazing. Congratulations!

Stephen Frug


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