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September 10, 2013



I don't have anything to add; I just feel like saying "yeah". I've gone through basically the same thing, Batwoman being the last DC book I was getting. A couple years ago I figured I'd always at least be buying a Superman book, even if it was bad, because it's just fun for me to read Superman comics. But it stopped being fun, and DC's Before Watchmen attitude showed me why. So. Yeah.


I've decided to stop buying most comics issued by DC Comics, except for Animal Man because i still support and enjoy Jeff Lemire's work, mostly because of Before Watchmen. I've always thought about creator's right, thinking what DC and Marvel were doing was wrong on a business and artistic level, but since I enjoyed a few super-hero comics I didn't want to stop reading them. And then Alan Moore's comments about the situation regarding Watchmen made me realise I didn't want to support two companies that considered every artist as being tools you could use and not people with specific visions. Soon enough I'll stop reading most DC stuff and I'm even reluctant to buy some Vertigo because of all of this. It's sad because I don't want some of my favorite writer to loose money too much but at the same time I want to industry to change and I feel that taking this stance on creator's right might help things change in a small way.


Hororo, if you're enjoying Animal Man and want to support the artists then you shouldn't feel bad about doing so. My gradual detachment from DC has a lot more to do with the overall quality of their comics than it does with their treatment of creators--although of course their treatment of creators has had a pretty big impact on the quality of their comics.

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