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April 14, 2015



Ya know, I actually rather like most of Porter’s artwork on JLA. There’s this exaggerated, 90s superhero comic energy to his work, with his wide-eyed open mouth exclamations, or frizzy details he adds to lasers and impacts.

Morrison’s JLA(and I include Earth 2 with Frank Quitely and JLA Classified #1-3 with Ed McGuinness in my head) are some of my favorite comics…I think I’ve reread them more than just about any other “run” of stories. Really damn fine pop comics, in that they’re fast, fun, clever, dense, and gloriously throwaway. First half is better than the second half I agree, but I’m a big fan of the World War 3 finale. I think Grant did a great job slowly building up MAGGEDON as the biggest goddamn thing the DC universe has ever faced, and sustained a high level of energy throughout all six issues. Bringing Luthor’s gang back was a great move, since it gives the individuals JLA somebody to fight on their level as they move around the huge, less physical threat of the coming apocalypse. Peak issue of the run gotta be the one where the future rebel JLAers fight Darkseid. The framing narrative by the Death Racer gives it a mythical quality, like a fable.

Also in agreement with you regarding the two indie Morrison titles. Annihilator is pretty, but I feel like I’ve read this a hundred times and the metafictional elements get in the way of the interesting movie scenario. But Nameless is damn good, really solid genre comics done with care and craft by one of the best creative teams in the business. A straight up horror comic, which I don’t Morrison has really done before? I mean, his books tend to have some freaky, unpredictable elements, but I don’t think he’s ever had one so indebted to horror classics like Alien.


I like Porter's energy too, but man, those early issues are rough. I was actually relieved when Oscar Jimenez came on for that two-part Key story. Porter gets better as he goes along though, and Morrison's scripts slacken off and give him a little breathing room.

Like you, though, I love these comics. They're fun and they feel like they're much smarter than they have any right to be. When I was looking for an excerpt to promote the Morrison book, I didn't really have any other choice.

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