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May 05, 2015


Chris Maka

Hey, Marc, I was curious about something you said above: "...to tell other stories that were not limited by the increasingly limited horizons of superhero comics in the 21st century." Do you mean superheroes as a general comic book genre or specifically mainstream DC/Marvel superheroes? Increasingly limited in what ways? I have my own thoughts on that, but I'm curious what you're thinking.


I mean the house styles at Marvel and especially DC, where every major story (and almost all of Morrison's work for the last several years) has been about DC continuity. Marvel is normally less meta than that, but this year both companies are pushing crossovers that trawl through old continuities and put them in conflict with each other. In that climate, the frame-story of Multiversity feels redundant and tired, not much of an alternative to the editorially-driven stuff.

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